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Program of the 17th Bangkok International Symposium on HIV Medicine

The 17th Bangkok International Symposium on HIV Medicine will take place from 15-17 January 2014 at the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The event is hosted by the HIV Netherlands Australia Thailand Research Collaboration, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre.

The key objective of the annual Bangkok International Symposium on HIV Medicine is to provide health care professionals and members of the HIV-infected and affected community from Thailand and all over the world with a comprehensive review of the management of HIV infection and opportunistic infections, efforts to improve access to therapy as well as the latest updates on research into HIV treatments and vaccines.

Online registration for the event will be available on www.hivnat.org/bangkoksymposium in September 2013.

Conference Program – (UPDATE 7 Jun 2013)

08.30-09.00 HIV prevalence and incidence in Asia: Evidence-based strategies to curb the epidemic
09.00-09.30 Early HIV detection: Bridging the gap between people-at-risk, technology and testing programs
09.30-10.00 Linkage and retention in HIV care: Time to think outside the box
10.30-11.00 Adult HIV treatment guidelines: What’s new?
11.00-11.30 The latest in PMTCT and Pediatric treatment guidelines
11.30-12.00 Finding a cure for HIV: What can Asia do? Satellite Lunch Symposium
WORKSHOP (Interactive e-voting case studies)
Meeting room 1-2:
Meet the experts (e-voting)
Meeting room 3-4:
Pediatrics/Adolescent (e-voting)
08.30-09.00 The Thai National AIDS Program: Lessons learned and future directions
09.00-09.30 Antiretroviral treatment failure: A new paradigm in patient management
09.30-10.00 HIV and aging: What clinicians should not miss?
10.30-11.00 Best practices for managing tuberculosis and cryptococcosis in resource-limited settings
11.00-12.00 The Great Debate Satellite Lunch Symposium
WORKSHOP (Interactive e-voting case studies)
Meeting room: ballroom
Meeting room 1-2:
Meeting room 3-4:
Laboratory Workshop
08.30-09.00 What is new on HIV Vaccine?
09.00-09.30 Treatment as prevention: Approaches to maximize impact
09.30-10.00 When and how to implement PrEP in resource-limited settings?
10.30-11.00 Treatment optimization: What, Why and How?
11.00-11.30 Practical use of new antiretrovirals
11.30-12.00 Pharmacology of new antiretrovirals and new ways of using old drugs Satellite Lunch Symposium
13.30-14.00 Test and treat for hepatitis C infection: Time to act?
14.00-14.30 HIV reproductive health: Conception and contraception
14.30-15.00 What’s new from 2013 international HIV conferences



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