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HIV Nutrition

Lao-Thai-Australian Collaboration in HIV-Nutrition (Lao- TACHIN) Project:

After four years implementation (since July 2008), Lao-TACHIN project has  completed the first phase in  June 2012. Many achievements are seen either improving nutritional status and health of PLHIV directly or improving health service system showed the benefit of integrating nutrition care into HIV service. This model that  is initiated in two southern provinces of Lao PDR, Champasak and Savannakhet, has been handed-over to the Ministry of Health Lao PDR to expand to others provinces in Lao PDR.With collaboration with the previous partnership, the Albion Centre (TAC) and Lao partners (Center for HIV/AIDS and STI, Ministry of Health, Lao PDR, World Health Organisation, Lao PDR and Association of People living with HIV/AIDS) and the new counterpart, World Food Programme, the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre (TRCARC) will provide support to Lao PDR to move forward the second phase by providing technical assistance and seeking the funds from donors.

Lao-TACHIN final workshop, 7-8 June 2012, Vientiane, Lao PDR.
Prof.Praphan Phanuphak, Director of TRCARC (second from the right) and Ms.Charmaine Turton, director international health unit, TAC (the first from the right) presented the trophy of “South-South Development Project Award”, the award to Lao-TACHIN project from the Global South-South Development Expo of the United Nations held in Rome, 5-9 December 2011, to Lao team  leading by Dr. Inlavan Keobounphanh, Deputy Minister of Health, Lao PDR

Asia Pacific Collaboration Centre for HIV-Nutrition (APCHIN):

“Working with governments, civil society and partners in Asia and the Pacific to integrate nutrition into HIV programmes:

Based on the achievements of TACHIN and Lao-TACHIN in Asia, the Asia Pacific Collaborating Centre for HIV Nutrition (APCHIN) was established since June 2012 by three leading organizations in HIV and Nutrition in Asia and the Pacific- TAC, TRCARC  and WFP. The centre is hosted at TRC.

The objectives and the key focus areas of work of the centre are: Advocacy, Capacity Building, Research, Information Management and Monitoring and Evaluation.

  1. To advocate with governments, academic institutions and civil society organizations the benefit of integrating nutrition interventions for improving the quality of life, health status and medical management of PLHIV.
  2. To build capacity of health care staff and civil society organizations to assess the nutrition issues of PLHIV and provide appropriate interventions, care and support.
  3. To initiate and coordinate clinical and operational research that includes nutrition for PLHIV and to address the knowledge gap.

The Thai Nutrition Taskforce for HIV (TNT-HIV) is a national HIV nutrition committee, appointed in 2008, consisted of Thai experts in HIV and nutrition from various organizations including the Thai Ministry of Public Health, Institution of Nutrition, Mahidol University, and TACHIN. The following HIV nutrition studies are conducted under the TNT-HIV.

TNT-HIV 003 (Trends of morbidity and mortality among Thai HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected patients, a five-year multi-centre, prospective cohort)
The study aims to determine the morbidity and mortality among Thai HIV-infected participants compared to HIV-uninfected participants at the TRC-ARC and the Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital during 2010 –2017. The study has been started the enrollment of 408 HIV-infected participants and 408 HIV-uninfected participants in November 2010. This study has currently enrolled 230 and 237 of Thai HIV-infected participants and HIV-uninfected participants. Among 83 and 55 of HIV-infected participants and HIV-uninfected participants have already follow up in mo 12.  The study will complete in November 2017.

TNT-HIV 003.1 (Bone Health and vitamin D status in Thai HIV-1 Infected and Uninfected Adults (A substudy of TNT-HIV 003: Trends of morbidity and mortality among Thai HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected patients: a five-year prospective cohort study)
Given the recent interest in the impact of HIV infection on bone health and vitamin D levels and the association of low vitamin D status with several chronic diseases, this study will determine bone health and vitamin D levels, both in HIV-infected population and uninfected population, as a sub-study of TNT-HIV 003. The study has started the enrollment of 70 HIV-uninfected participants, 55 HIV-infected with high CD4 and 110 HIV-infected with planned to start HAART in November 2010. This study has now completed the enrollment of HIV-uninfected participants and HIV-infected with high CD4 group. Up to 75 participants or 82.5% of the total participants in HIV-infected with plan to start HAART group has currently enrolled. The study will complete in November 2017.