About us

The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre is located at the Ratchadamri Junction, Pathumwan District (near Ratchadamri BTS Station).  It officially started to operate on November 8th, 1989 to work on AIDS, focusing on providing services in the form of the Anonymous Clinic, studies and research into medical and social aspects of all social segments, transferring, motivating and supporting policy related to AIDS in the country and in the Region.

The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre’s  Anonymous Clinic is the first perfect Anonymous Clinic founded in Thailand and Asian region. It provides HIV voluntary counseling and testing for general population and people who have risk behavior. It’s protecting clients’ confidentiality in the best way which including pre and post – test counseling to change their behavior of the risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Vision: Advance knowledge, research and studies, knowledge development, together with services and network collaboration to disseminate to society


  1. Developing a body of knowledge, processes and methods as well as services related to AIDS in both the medical and social aspect, which are appropriate and necessary to the economic and social condition of Thailand through employing research processes and pilot projects that are organized in a systematic way,
  2. Being a consultant and disseminating a body of knowledge and experience to create benefit to all sectors of the country and other countries in the Region,
  3. Cooperating with the government and the private sector inside the country and abroad to reduce the impact of AIDS.

Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre Structure