Office Hour

Service Time

ServiceTimeLast queue
HIV Test
CD4 Test
Monday to Friday, 07:30–16:3015:00
STD TestMonday to Friday, 08:30–14:0014:00
Covid-19 Antibody Test
Covid-19 ATK & RT-PCR
Monday to Friday, 08:30–15:0015:00
Vaccination serviceMonday to Friday, 08:30–11.00
and 13.00–15:00
PharmacyMonday to Friday, 08:30–16:3016:00

After Hours Service

Service Time Last queue
HIV Test Wednesday and Friday 16.30–20.0019:00
Saturday, 08:30–12:0011:00
CD4 Test Wednesday and Friday 16.30–20.0018:00
Saturday, 08:30–11:0011:00
Pharmacy Wednesday and Friday 16.30–20.0019:30
Saturday, 08:30–12:0011:30
Vaccination serviceSaturday, 08:30–11:0011:00

Holiday Schedule for Year 2022

Saturday1 January 2022New Year’s Day
Monday3 January 2022New Year’s Day
Wednesday16 February 2022Makha Bucha Day
Wednesday6 April 2022Chakri  Memorial Day
Wednesday13 April 2022Songkran Festival Day
Thursday14 April 2022Songkran Festival Day
Friday15 April 2022Songkran Festival Day
Saturday16 April 2022Songkran Festival Day
Wednesday4 May 2022Coronation of King Day
Friday13 May 2022Royal Ploughing  Ceremony  Day
Monday16 May 2022Visakha Bucha Day
Friday3 June 2022H.M. the Queen Birthday
Wednesday13 July 2022Asalha Bucha Day 
Thursday14 July 2022Buddhist Lent Day
Friday15 July 2022Special Holiday
Saturday16 July 2022Special Holiday
Thursday28 July 2022H.M. the King Birthday
Friday29 July 2022Special Holiday
Friday12 August 2022Mother’s Day
Thursday13 October 2022His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej Memorial Day
Friday14 October 2022Special Holiday
Monday24 October 2022King Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
Monday 5 December 2022 Father’s Day
Saturday10 December 2022Constitution Day
Monday12 December 2022Substitution for Constitution Day
Friday30 December 2022Special Holiday
Saturday31 December 2022New Year’s Day